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About Steve Elfrink

I've been interested in photography since I was 16 and made my first pilgrimage to the Colorado Rockies with a borrowed Nikon SLR. It was during college and in the darkroom that my love for photography increased. What was more exciting for me than taking the actual photo was what you could do with the photo after it was taken. The darkroom gave me an early taste of post-processing/manipulation. And then! Photoshop... A life changing discovery.

I've always created art that I like - what I would want on my walls. I love nature/landscape photography. But I was looking for ways to better represent the hidden aspects of nature. I have always felt there is more to the forest than meets the eye. I was also always fascinated by reflections on water and that natural mirror effect. Experimenting with Photoshop I started to uncover new worlds through mirroring specific photos.

What was amazing to me and still is today - many photos that I think will be amazing mirrored, are not. Many of the photos on this site were accidents, experiments, quick shots. It's once I get back home and go through the series of photos of the day that I discover what I have found.

I hope you enjoy the photos! My goal in sharing these photos is to bring some of the mystical magic that exists in nature into your home.

In Gratitude, 


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